A Simple Bachelorette Party Checklist

When you have finished deciding on the theme, date, location, timings and making the guest list, you will need to think about the party supplies that are required. The above items need to be planned way in advance (about a month or two), but getting the party supplies may be done just a week in advance. Deciding on the music and lighting for the party is also another very important thing. You may hire a DJ to handle the music or make a collection of songs to be played a few days in advance. A professional event lighting company is the best choice if you really want to make the party venue a happening place.

A Request for Proposal (RFP) can be overwhelming in event planning, especially when it comes to renting audio visual equipment. Listed below, are five key guidelines 5 Keys to a More Effective RFP to include in your next RFP, which have been gathered from the Convention Industry Council (CIC) and Accepted Practices Exchange (APEX) Best Practices guide.

Dance video games are another great video gaming party to throw for your kids. This craze has really taken off. Some companies offer the dancing platforms for rent. You can have the actual video game units in your own home or backyard so that your kids can have the actual game!

Your special day is coming soon and you want everything to be just right, including the food. But your nervous about the cost of the catering because, we all know, food is the largest expense for a wedding besides the honeymoon.

The best function of the site is the ability to share your seating with whomever you like. Therefore, the caterer, planner, host, florist, all the vendors who need to be can see and use the same seating chart. RSVP’s can be collected on the site and all key players will know where things stand. Oh and all of this is Free (for now anyway).

Starting a party planning business is exciting to say the least, but a bit of reality check is needed every once in a while. One way of making sure you’re not just building castles in the air is to make sure there is a market for your party planning business. Specialization is an option for event planners who want to corner a certain target market. For example, you could focus on the debutants and plan your business model around this group of people. However, if you feel that girls and parents won’t readily spend on debutant balls, you can choose to target the bachelorettes who are more likely to shell out cash for a memorable hen party.

Honor loved ones’ memories. Do something to include those who are no longer with you. Donate to a favorite charity in their name or volunteer your time for a cause they supported. Create a photo album of favorite pictures and write a Memory Card for each one. (Use a 3×5 card and describe the people and activity. This is great to do with your grandkids and preserves your ‘story’ for future generations.) Light a candle in memory.

Are you good at negotiating? As a planner, you must be able to negotiate the best service for the lowest price. Your reputation and future business opportunities will depend on your ability to do this.

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