A Spooky Halloween Party

Get as much of your food and decoration shopping done ahead of time as you can. Plan your menu out ahead of time and buy the necessary ingredients so you will have them on hand that day.

Try to find a suitable venue and make sure it suits your particular needs. Consider things like the number of guests, whether or not it needs to be wheel chair accessible.

Both John and Marlee give excellent speeches about why they deserved to win this season. They both worked hard and rose over million each for their charities. John says he believes his body of work was better than Marlee’s throughout the season. He also pointed out he was Project Manager more than anybody else all season. Donald Jr. and Ivanka both said it was an incredibly difficult decision and Donald said there are no losers as they are both so amazing. Trump said this was one of the toughest decisions he has ever made because both Marlee and John were so deserving. Instead of firing one candidate as he usually does, he simply announced that John Rich was the winner in this season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

Themes to celebrate your baby’s first birthday can include a number of characters holding the number 1. Plain characters, a color or other party theme can also be used if your baby shows a favorite. Pink is very popular for girls and any shade of blue is tops with boys.

The first step in cocktail party planning is to create your guest list. You do not want to target one personality type. Variety is the spice of life. Include guests that are interesting, cheerful, outgoing and friendly.

It is very important to have a spotless bathroom. Clean towels, counter tops and sinks are the bare minimum. Make sure there is plenty of soap and fresh hand towels for your guests. Fresh flowers always add a nice touch and give the bathroom a fresh smell.

You have to develop a timeline of some sort and ensure that it is followed strictly during the event planning process. You have to keep everything listed. Be ready and prepared to face any interruptions that could occur. Do not think that you can face anything by yourself. It is nearly impossible. You will have tog et someone else reliable enough to help you as well. You will need another person to share some of the burden of preparation for the event. You need not necessarily do everything personally by yourself unless there is absolutely no one else who can do the job.

Decide on the number of glasses you will use, and what type. This usually is an overlooked item on this part of the planning stage, even though it is actually a high-priority aspect of any celebrated event.

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