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Tell your guests to arrive 45 minutes to 1 hour before the guest of honor. Don’t cut it so close that it chances that your honoree will run into guests who may be a bit late outside the venue. In fact be sure your guests are advised that if they must come late to the party, they must wait to arrive at least 30 minutes after the surprise hour to avoid tipping off your honoree. Also, make sure guests park out of sight. You may need to make special arrangements for nearby parking where vehicles that would be recognized by your honoree will not be seen.

The best way to begin with your cocktail party planning is by creating a checklist. This will be used to list everyone you invite, everything you need, purchase and budget constraints. By creating a checklist you will be taking the first major step in having a successful party.

Keep it simple. Kids will have fun almost no matter what when they get together. So remember, you don’t have to have 27 different activities or even a tight schedule and plan.

Besides while having a steady job, you may not be able to give your 100%25 to the business. There could be times when you have to meet the deadlines in the office and your business becomes the second priority. In this case, you will not get the initial success that you had planned. You will reap profits, but it won’t be just like you had anticipated.

Orlando Science Center is located 777 E. Princeton St. Orlando FL. The telephone number is located at 407-514-2000. This is a beautiful location and you can have the location changed into whatever you want. They offer full service event planning. They have plenty of event space for a large or small wedding event. For more information on planning a wedding reception you can call 407-514-2233. The best part is the breathtaking view of the Orlando skyline. The packages and pricing does vary so make sure that when you speak with someone you get the total price for everything that you want.

When setting up the venue, make sure the decorations are not visible from the outside. If you are going to use special lightings, see that you have an easy access to the switches. Also, it is suggested that you decorate the rooms with items that will enhance the shock of the guest of honor such as helium balloons and colorful streamers.

If you choose to have alcohol served at your home holiday party, don’t offer a full bar. Serve one specialty cocktail, and then offer wine and water. Make food available when the alcohol is served. Hire a professional bartender to serve drinks. Consider putting the alcohol away an hour or two before the conclusion of your party. Have a back up plan for people unable to drive home safely.

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