Coloring Your Special Event

Remove any personal items from you medicine cabinet in case you have a guest that needs an aspirin or antacid and looks inside your medicine cabinet. They maybe close friends, but you might not want to share all the details of your private life.

It’s not quite as simple as preparing a succulent meal and enjoying the clinking of wine glasses and the clanking of fine china being brushed upon by the nice silver you save for special occasions. There are some slightly different things to remember when you’re dinner party planning. As opposed to the typical festive gathering, you’re likely to have less people in attendance. The barbecues in mid-summer or the pool party down the street may have many dozens of people in attendance. But you’re unlikely to the have place, or patience, to host a get-together by candlelight for mobs of people.

The one thing that I cannot go without when planning an event, is a well organized to-do list. Whether it’s on an i-phone app or on a piece of paper, it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s a well thought through list. Having it in writing helps make things clearer. It puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you a sense of control. Making more than one list is the way to go. I found this to be very helpful. I compile one master list and then make weekly/daily lists based on priorities. Things could get overwhelming if you stare at your master list every day.

Don’t worry. There’s nothing wrong with being shy. Most kids grow out of it, as their confidence increases. We all have our moments when we feel self-conscious in social situations. Just do your best to make him feel comfortable, so he can relax and have a good time.

Many women have walked in your satin dyed-to-match pumps before you. Fortunately they have sage and funny advice to offer you that will help with your bridesmaid’s duties. Here are some great websites that every bridesmaid should consider visiting before putting on that great dress, you know, the one that you’ll be able to wear again – at least the bride said so. hey, they always say so!

The three paintings that you turned out were not your best work, and the menu got changed, but to the satisfaction of the caterer and not you, the star of the show! By failing to delegate the flyer work and the event planning, you procrastinated in getting those tasks done. It caused your art to suffer, and cost you money.

Supplies needed: black and white card stock, electrical tape (available in a variety of colors), shoe strings, scissors, hole punch and hole punch reinforcements.

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