Easy Holiday Party Planning Ideas

So in reality, you should spend the majority of your time marketing your product or service. This is what is going to make you money. Of course, your product or service should be good, and do all the things you claim it does. But beyond that, you need to be focused on the A.I.D.A. of marketing: attracting attention, building interest, creating desire, and pushing them to take action.

For the busy organizer, printing free invitation templates might be the best option. These free templates can be found in party sites and there are probably hundreds of them. Some of these are PartyCat, Gatsby and Paper Alchemy; just to name a few. You can either print the free materials or copy them and incorporate them into your personally-made designs. Sources are unlimited, but choosing the best one is another matter.

If you don’t hire an event planner at least have someone act as one. That person would be in charge of making sure the vendors are set up properly and can help keep everything running smoothly. Whether it’s a friend or family member the organization will be appreciated.

Once you have figured out your objective, start reading. Talk to people, think out aloud. Determine your prospective attendees. Based on that, come up with various themes’ that would work at your event. Every event needs a theme. Whether it is a colour scheme or a fun dress up theme. When looking for a theme use the guidelines you’ve written down for Step 1. It makes it easier to narrow down your searches.

But let’s also add this: Marketing is what fills the piggy bank. This is going to sound funny, but no matter what business you are in, be it lawn care, event planning, vacuum cleaner sales, real estate investing or an Mlm, the business you are really in is marketing.

10 P.M. (National Geographic) BEN FRANKLIN’S PIRATE FLEET A ship that was wrecked off the coast of Wales in the 18th century is thought to have belonged to a fleet of privateers on a mission ordered by Franklin.

Involve him with every aspect of the party planning. When the birthday boy or girl helps plan all the details of the celebration, he feels in control. He will feel comfortable in this situation, because he helped to create it.

Allow down time. Most of us get overwhelmed with the flurry of activities that get crammed into December’s schedule. Accept invitations that you know you will enjoy, and say ‘no’ to the rest. You don’t need to make an appearance at every cocktail party or family event. Instead, take a nap. Get a massage. Collect a stack of books for a lazy evening at home. And get plenty of sleep. Physical exhaustion will limit your enjoyment.

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