Get A Good Event Planner Here’s How

This article is to help parents plan a great party for a teenager. Parties are a great way to celebrate any special occasion. Every teen loves to be the prince or princess of their birthday party. Why not give them a party they will remember for a lifetime, and this article will help you to create those memories.

Follow the proven ‘1-2-3’ schedule. Start with a game or structured activity, then follow it with a ‘let off steam’ activity (like outdoor play), then the food, cake and present opening.

Your special day is coming soon and you want everything to be just right, including the food. But your nervous about the cost of the catering because, we all know, food is the largest expense for a wedding besides the honeymoon.

Start the party with your scavenger hunt. Or, in the specific case of a pirate theme party, the treasure hunt. If you are not throwing pirate-theme party for the kid, work the theme into what the are looking for on their scavenger hunt. Be ruthless in adhering to your party’s theme, but completely open to how expansive that theme is. For instance, if there are still any kids outside Texas who enjoy a cowboy theme, your scavenger hunt should possibly include little toy horses, a sheriff’s badge and even one of a cheap John Wayne DVD of his western movies if that’s what you happen to have hanging around.

First, don’t panic. That little girl is already tense and nervous about her party. She’s probably crying right now watching those balloons and streamers getting soaked. Dry her tears and tell you that this is just fine because now you can have your ‘super-dooper surprise party’ that you had saved to surprise her. Call the neighbor or grandma and tell them to take the birthday princess out for an ice cream cone. Meanwhile, you gather all hands on deck for an emergency party planning marathon. Here are 12 party games and activities the little party goers will love.

It’s safe to assume that event planners are among the shrewdest among all the business people in a locality. They can sniff opportunity from a mile away and will always find ways to pitch their services to prospects. They have to be aggressive because the event planning business is highly dependent on trends and market demands (e.g “Jeez girl, didn’t you know that carnation corsages are now considered tacky?”). You must also undergo a thorough self-analysis to determine your best selling position. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself.

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