Halloween Party Tip: Tell A Good Ghost Story

In the boardroom, Trump mentions that the teams raised almost million for charity over the course of the season. Trump praises John for raising 0,000 during this final task, and Marlee points out that it was not a fundraising task, and she could have raised at least as much had she needed to do it. She says that she instead focused on the task they were assigned.

Follow the proven ‘1-2-3’ schedule. Start with a game or structured activity, then follow it with a ‘let off steam’ activity (like outdoor play), then the food, cake and present opening.

The very first and most important part is the hens party theme. This will set the aim for the event and allows you to easily cut out the activities that will not go hand in hand with what you are aiming to do.

Also, a lot of your dinner party planning will focus on the guests themselves. You’ll be limited in your invitations by the number of folks you can comfortably have around your dinning table. Another thing to think about regarding guests is how well they know each other. Sure, they may all know you. But, it’s a close-quarters event. If they don’t know anyone else, it could be awkward. You don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, or to feel like you have to spend an inordinate amount of time with them since they know no one else. In a sense, the small group size means your dinner party planning must include some social engineering.

Setup a Post Show Poll to get feedback on sessions, events, services, venue and city choice. Let the respondents know that their feedback will be used to improve next year’s show.

Try some Brainstorming – One way businesses generate new event ideas is to brainstorm. Several people sit down together and throw out ideas. No one can make judgments about someone else’s suggestions. Nothing is too stupid or silly. It all goes down on the list. You can try your own version of brainstorming when event planning. Find a quiet spot, sit down with pen and pad, and simply write down every idea that comes to mind. Don’t second-guess yourself or form opinions, just write. Remember, in this case, quantity is better than quality. Just get as much as you can down on paper so that you can consider each idea’s merits later on.

Wait until after the party to open the gifts. If he opens his presents during the celebration, he will be the center of attention. His guests will be watching to see what he gets and his reaction to it. This can be overwhelming for a timid child. Postpone this until later, when the guests have gone home and he’s relaxed. Then, he can unwrap the packages. Don’t forget to take a photo of him playing with, wearing or using the gift to include in the thank you card.

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