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Eating brain food like blueberries and walnuts can protect brain cells, improve your memory, and even reduce your odds of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Food & Nutrition EAT SMART, THINK BETTER. You are what you eat. As you grow older, your brain is exposed to more harmful stress due to lifestyle and environmental factors, resulting in a process called oxidation, which damages brain cells.

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Physical activity and sleep. Being active is an important part of building a healthy body and brain. Babies need to be able to move and exercise the muscles in their arms, legs, shoulders and neck.

Over here at Eat This, Not That!, we’re always monitoring breakthroughs in nutritional research, including an exciting new study just released from Columbia University that links high concentrations of the flavanols in cocoa to reversed age-related mental decline in healthy older adults.

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A healthy balanced diet, low in cholesterol and saturated fat … mood and cognitive function, making it an essential brain food. “A large-scale American study, published in the American Journal of …

Talk about healthy Tesco foods. Here’s why: not only is it cheaper to buy fruit … Plus, the yolks are great for for the nutrient choline, which is vital for helping your brain to send messages …

Food fuels the body and brain, so what employees eat can make or break whether … workers don’t want to be preached to by their employer. Instead, to implement healthy eating habits in the workplace, …

The healthy brain program, an initiative of the Brain Foundation, aims to assist Australians to keep their brains healthy into old age, through the provision of community education and research.

TOP 15 BRAIN FOODS Intrigued, they obtained the brains of pigs processed for food production to study how widespread … investigations into topics like the roots of brain disorders, as well as neuronal connectivity in …

The quality of your diet is another variable. For brain health and well-being, Dirhan recommends choosing a whole-foods diet as much as possible. “This means staying away from foods that have been …

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