Where to Hire Jumping Castles in Adelaide

Is it time to host a birthday party?

Why not set up a great jumping castle and make it a fun-filled event for everyone involved? This is what a top-tier jumping castle company can bring to the table in Adelaide.

Here are the leading companies in Adelaide for clients to select from.

1) Character Jumps (https://characterjumps.com.au)

With 12 years of experience, Character Jumps and its team have become an extraordinary option for events and parties around Adelaide. The service has an extensive collection of customizable jumping castles based on varying themes and each one is better than the next.

jumping castle hire for parties

The jumping castles offered by Character Jumps are meticulously tested and sewn with durable stitching for long-term performance. This Adelaide service is heralded for offering world-class customer service and delivering tremendous results. These jumping castles are balanced, easy to set up, and affordable to rent ensuring a beautiful experience for you. You can also find them on Facebook.

2) Jump Easy (https://www.jumpeasy.com.au/)

Jump Easy is a world-class service with a plethora of intriguing jumping castles to choose from. These jumping castles are durable, sturdy, and bring something unique to an event that makes them appealing.

The service is professional and all jumping castles are put through rigorous testing to ensure they meet all regulations in Adelaide. These themed jumping castles are beautiful to look at and have earned rave reviews from local clients.

Whether it is a major event or a small birthday party, the right jumping castle can be selected at Jump Easy. It is a good fit for most.

3) Jump First (https://www.jumpfirst.com.au/)

When it comes to stress-free, well-defined jumping castles in Adelaide, Jump First’s name will pop up as an option. The service has etched out a spot in the market and remains a great option for clients in the region. These jumping castles are personalized and will cater to one’s underlying needs as soon as they are put up. The team behind Jump First is one of the most professional units on offer and take care of all client-related requirements in seconds.

This is a top-tier company and among the best at what it offers.

4) Super Castles (https://www.supercastlesadelaide.com.au/)

With over 40 inflatables to choose from, Super Castles offers a wide array of options that are optimized for events of all kinds in Adelaide. The team is local to the region and promotes positive testing processes for all of its jumping castles.

The themes range from Cars, Toy Story, Frozen, Minions, and even adult jumping castles for grown-ups looking to have a bit of fun.

Super Castles is a wonderful option and among the best companies in Adelaide. It is a worthwhile company to choose for those setting up an event in Adelaide and needing a quick fit.

These are the top four companies in Adelaide for clients hoping to find a good jumping castle option as soon as possible. These are well-reviewed, efficient teams that have a plethora of inflatables to choose from making it easier than ever before to host your event seamlessly.