Planning A Holiday Party

Thirdly you should double check the speakers and the other performers. You may plan an event or other function where the entertainment performs perfectly, but the performance is not relevant to the event. Try finding out information about the performer and what type of event they would be perfect for. Having a reference is an easy way of finding out about a band or singer before agreeing to book them.

The ability to network with wedding professionals is also important. You want to establish good working relationships with other businesses. This will help ensure that you get good deals. You also need to be comfortable with handling finances. As a planner, not only will you be handling someone else’s money, but you will running your own business as well. A successful wedding planner must also have some fashion knowledge. Brides will often ask your opinion on selecting bridesmaids’ gowns or colors for her wedding decorations.

Lists!, lists!, lists! I can’t stress this enough. If you keep an up to date list the chances of anything being forgotten or going wrong are greatly reduced. Anytime I have an event or even just trying to accomplish a goal I create a to do list. If something doesn’t get accomplished I roll it over to the next day. When planning an event it helps to not forget things like carded place holders for tables or napkins.

Once things like the time, place and date are worked out and other major details are also arranged, the event planning process becomes simpler. You can move on to smaller issues and not worry about the major details. You should put up a list of all things that need to be addressed at the last minute and work from the list. There will be many things that you will tend to miss during the preparation but that will not really be a big issue as most of it will be minor details which do not really need any major concern. It will mostly go unnoticed. As long as things go well and the event is fun filled things will be great.

What kind of party will you be holding? Is it formal? A child party? A party for a friend? Always consider the type of party for which the invitations are being made. Is it a black tie dinner? An outdoor event? A kiddie party? Whatever the case may be, your search will be much easier if you knew what kind of celebration you will be holding.

Like all other regular party planning, you have to start on determining your budget. You have to consider your guest list in deciding how much you may need for the whole preparation. It is up to you on what kind of budgeting you will do, but make sure that it will accommodate everyone. This includes the food, the location, the rentals, the decorations and other necessities for the party.

You have to plan an agenda on the work to be done and you should split the tasks between everyone to get things done. Everyone should be given some work so that everyone is doing some job or the other. Proper guidelines should be set so that everyone can follow it and get things done properly without errors. This will help in faster and more efficient process of the work.

One woman, in particular, shared that she’s ready to make the leap to do something different but she’s unsure how to move ahead or what the process would be to make a good decision. She feels the “tug of transition” but lacks clarity on how to navigate a potential new path. Fear and feelings of failure are on her mind as well. She’s certain that if she could take initial steps forward on how to explore and discover what’s next, fear and thoughts of failure could be overcome. Not having a plan or the equivalent of a roadmap that can be easily followed is what keeps her from moving ahead.

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