Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party Doesn’t Need To Be Stressful

Limit the party length. In this case, less is more. Plan enough time for games, cake and fun. But don’t go overboard. If the festivities go too long and the activities run out, the guests will be restless. They’ll still want to be entertained and your child may not know how to handle them.

If you think it would be tacky to ask your guests to serve themselves (and it may be, depending on the occasion), and you do not have the resources to serve them, look for a catering company that offers full service. The company may even offer more service than you thought possible. Many companies go well beyond simply delivering and serving food. They are intensely involved in event planning and can provide everything from music to a venue. Of course, each company is going to differ somewhat in terms of what they offer.

In the boardroom, Trump mentions that the teams raised almost million for charity over the course of the season. Trump praises John for raising 0,000 during this final task, and Marlee points out that it was not a fundraising task, and she could have raised at least as much had she needed to do it. She says that she instead focused on the task they were assigned.

The best way to begin with your cocktail party planning is by creating a checklist. This will be used to list everyone you invite, everything you need, purchase and budget constraints. By creating a checklist you will be taking the first major step in having a successful party.

Honor loved ones’ memories. Do something to include those who are no longer with you. Donate to a favorite charity in their name or volunteer your time for a cause they supported. Create a photo album of favorite pictures and write a Memory Card for each one. (Use a 3×5 card and describe the people and activity. This is great to do with your grandkids and preserves your ‘story’ for future generations.) Light a candle in memory.

We’ve kind of already answered that above. It’s a good idea because you want those whose opinion matters to think well of you and think you are a person or a company worth spending money with. That’s pretty straight forward, right?

Most of the time the Cast Party is thrown the same night as the last performance but it is also acceptable to plan it for another date after the performance if you choose. The next day or the following weekend can be considered appropriate times if the performance ends late. You can even ask the cast which time they would prefer or what would work better for them.

Start the party with your scavenger hunt. Or, in the specific case of a pirate theme party, the treasure hunt. If you are not throwing pirate-theme party for the kid, work the theme into what the are looking for on their scavenger hunt. Be ruthless in adhering to your party’s theme, but completely open to how expansive that theme is. For instance, if there are still any kids outside Texas who enjoy a cowboy theme, your scavenger hunt should possibly include little toy horses, a sheriff’s badge and even one of a cheap John Wayne DVD of his western movies if that’s what you happen to have hanging around.

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